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Friday, July 25, 2003
  here so hot. this midnight sky start to rain, very nice wethear for many seconds.
i write very lately here because these days i was very busy ,,,,, bad and fucking busy in hot summer
oh CRUEL SUMMER is name of ACE OF BASE (sweden group) who this is about a washer girl,,, she is very beutiful
join it and forgetting hot summer :D 
Sunday, June 29, 2003
  For long time i forgot here. now i take a new decide. after this i write small and periodly. it's better
finally Hoder set my blog link in his own blog. now after a bit maybe i'll famous :D :))
do u know short sex !? does it means KISSING ?!@#$ 
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
  Hi... in these days i was very outbreak and now i get a time to write on ONLINETIME :D
in the KOOYE DANESHGAH i take a special information about SPECIAL PERSONAL CHARACTERS (LEBAS SHAKHSI HA) and goverment police and security police. that was very special..... i want to publish all things that i know but i wanna say and write FARSI.....
if somebody help me and publish it with ENGLISH is very nice and i hope be usefull.
i scare and i don't know do it or not?? 
Monday, June 09, 2003
  Week that past was very nice for me because in there had 3 days that was holiday. i wish one week in a month be a similar that week.
My home is in forth floor and behind my home there is a apartment near my room's window. in holidays night time about 2:00 AM happend many suprised views between one gilr and boy in different apartment. this Boy and Gilr are freind and in midnight boy who live in upper apartment come down from emergence steps to room of girl and after that WOW.....
it's very suprised happen that happen every weeks. 
Wednesday, June 04, 2003
  This night i was readying to sit front of my camputer and starting websurfering in internet, suddenly i take a look at TV and saw a predicate film about death of son's FIAT company boss. it suprised me because i knew that boss of FIAT company is boss of JUVENTUS football team in ITALY. for this reason i watched it until it ended.
This FILM said that son's of FIAT company boss was muslems and he did't suicide himself. they beleive that he killed but ITALY goverment didn't process the main reason of this death. they said HEBREW mans who live about FIAT company boss in his family killed him to stop transmit all patrimony's father to him.
i accept what that film said until i see name of AYATOLLA TASKHIRI at the end of title rolling. ofter that i doubt of this tragedy and going to websurfering. 
Saturday, May 31, 2003
  tonight for about 2 hours i'm waiting for watching IRAN football team against cameron at Nigeria champion but now TV football commentator man (Ferdosi pour) for more than 3 time appear on tv screen and aplogized for late showing this match. I don't know what happend on Nigeria but i think in that stadium maybe there are many beautiful girl around a green ground and Islamic TV in IRAN can't show these stages for none islamic looking. oh god i know i can resolve this problem for myself by buying sattelite instrument and set it to join football and beautiful girl around it. 
Thursday, May 29, 2003
  for more than 5 days i was in vacation and saturday 7 AM i have to be on my work chair. this time my vacatinon seemed very little for me and can't do anythink that decided and i hope after 2 week later i get another vacation sheet from my boss and i hope he sign it. 
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